6.8Mm Vs 7.62

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6.8Mm Vs 7.62. Garland, tx 75042 972.487.6500 media: That landed us in the realm of 6.5 to 6.8.”.

Caliber Configuration How It Got to Where It’s At, and
Caliber Configuration How It Got to Where It’s At, and from forums.spacebattles.com

It would be nice if they have the range of 7.62 but in greater numbers. Slightly better ballistics of 6.5 grendel and lower recoil (according to our producer zastava arms, and. Ok, i could just downvote or report this question, like i should do, but complete nonsense like this is really getting on my wick.

It Would Be Nice If They Have The Range Of 7.62 But In Greater Numbers.

The 6.8mm remington special purpose cartridge (6.8 spc, 6.8 spc ii or 6.8×43mm). Garland, tx 75042 972.487.6500 media: The 6.8 spc round has the same energy at 250 yards as the m855 has at the muzzle.

It Causes More Damage Than A 5.56 (.223 Cal), But Less Than A 7.62.

The 5.56mm may also be called the m193 and m855, with different bullet weights. A 27 month study time is beyond ridiculous. The new round is 6.8×51.

It Better Be For The Cost Difference.

7.62 has the range, but not the numbers. I interviewed kevin brittingham, founder of aac (and godfather of the 300 blk cartridge) and he had. Oh for crying out loud.

.338 Norma 6.5 Creedmoor 7.62 Nato.308 5.56 Nato 1036 Nicholson Rd.

You would be really lucky to find a mauser nowadays at the same price level as a mosin, unless its a gunsmith special, ie a candidate for rebarreling. “we did look at multiple calibers, and determined that we [wanted] something somewhere between the 5.56 and the 7.62. They can take the same bullets but the.270 has a larger casing which.

True Velocity Have Successfully Chambered Several 7.62X51Mm Chambered Weapon Systems In The New 6.8Mm Tvcm Round.

Iows, the us is moving away from assault rifles & cartridges,and readopting battle rifles etc; For the most part, handgun calibers are either 9, 10, 11, or 12mm. I think the 6.8 spc is a far superior round to the 7.62×39.

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